Saturday, June 8, 2013

Coming Out to Myself

Confessions of a Straight Mormon Boy, Part VI
(Note: what follows is a work of fiction, a hypothetical look at a fake world in an attempt to cultivate empathy in the real world)


I have been on my own for years now. I have a steady job and I can take care of myself. I decided it was time to stop faking so much about myself, and if my friends and family won't accept me for who I really am then I don't want or need them anyway. If I need to, I can find new friends. I am good at making friends. I tried to hold on to the belief that I would eventually marry a man in the temple and somehow learn to be happy, but I just don't think that is possible. I have decided to come out for good.

I am a straight man!

God knows me and what I am going through. Family and love are the most important parts of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Surely He will understand that I desperately need the type of loving relationship that so many people have, the type of relationship that I have always been kept so far from approaching.

I still love God and Jesus Christ and the LDS Church, but it just doesn't make sense anymore to keep going every week. No one in the church will understand or accept me; it will just make things more difficult for everyone if I try...and secretly, I am still kind of ashamed of the whole thing. I am becoming more comfortable with my new straight lifestyle, but the last thing I am ready to do is boldly show off my new self in front of my old church acquaintances. I will just have to keep my faith in my heart for now.

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