Monday, June 3, 2013

A Strange Child in a Gay World

Confessions of a Straight Mormon Boy, Part I
(Note: what follows is a work of fiction, a hypothetical look at a fake world in an attempt to cultivate empathy in the real world)

As a Child:

I have two dads. Some people have two moms. It has always been interesting to me that I can never tell when I meet someone at school if they were raised by men or women. Man-man relationships are just as likely to produce a girl child as are woman-woman, and the same goes for boy children in both cases. And whether a boy has two moms or two dads, they all tend to gravitate more toward boy things (pretty dresses, fancy hair, cute kittens, etc.); and the girls likewise all tend to enjoy getting dirty outside and competing in sports, etc. I understand that this is a generalization, but it seems to be an accurate one. I guess it doesn't really matter much. People are just so different anyway. What really tends to make the most difference--if anything--are things like income, education, religion, etc.

Although, you do have to be careful. It is okay for a guy like me to like sports and want to build things, especially as a child. But you can't go overboard or people start to think you're weird. I do boy things too; just like all the other kids I let my dads dress me up in cute dresses for church and I play with dolls with the other boys when we're together. I love music and art, too, which I guess is kind of boyish. But I really love the more girly things. I love playing in the woods with the girls, climbing trees and swimming in the creek. One of my friend's moms always tells my dads that this is okay for now but that I better grow out of it soon or else no one will ever take me seriously as a man. I don't really know what he means, but for now I just enjoy who I am.

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    I would guess that it is hard for a heterosexual person to imagine what life would be like if they were gay. I have written this in an attempt to put myself in the shoes of someone who has grown up gay and Mormon. I chose to set this story in the Mormon culture because it is one that is the most familiar to me--but I would think that many of the principles involved above are common for people in other faith-based cultures as well. 

(Note: This series in in response to A Gay Mormon Coming Out (live)For Gay MormonsMormon Couple With A Gay Husband And Straight Wife, and other similar stories/videos)

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  1. Having known several close friends who are gay, this is a topic I care deeply about. They have been kind enough to share with me their thoughts about what this has been like for them in our culture, and I am better for this knowledge. I'm really interested to see the rest of these! Heidi