Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Pumpkins '11

Here are this year's creations.  Enjoy!!
Round 1:
 Last year we did the Suns; figured it was time for the Bombers to have a shot.

 Kams experimented a little this year, took a risk, and managed to produce a pretty impressive-looking chainsaw monkey.  If you like monkeys, you should have seen his costume.

 Here is the full collection of our round one pumpkins.  Love the Uniroo on the right. Go on, do it.

Oh, and here is the Bomber pumpkin after the nuclear fallout.  Shame.

Round 2:
This time, we opted for the simpler (yet impactful) bat signal.

The Perrys made this one.

 Mama and Papa J. came through with this goofy grin.

And here is Kams' final pumpkin of the season... what a weirdo.

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