Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Pumpkins '11

Here are this year's creations.  Enjoy!!
Round 1:
 Last year we did the Suns; figured it was time for the Bombers to have a shot.

 Kams experimented a little this year, took a risk, and managed to produce a pretty impressive-looking chainsaw monkey.  If you like monkeys, you should have seen his costume.

 Here is the full collection of our round one pumpkins.  Love the Uniroo on the right. Go on, do it.

Oh, and here is the Bomber pumpkin after the nuclear fallout.  Shame.

Round 2:
This time, we opted for the simpler (yet impactful) bat signal.

The Perrys made this one.

 Mama and Papa J. came through with this goofy grin.

And here is Kams' final pumpkin of the season... what a weirdo.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Dear Utah

Dear Utah, and the people therein.  These are some things y'all should know:

1) Utah is no more holy than the rest of the world, and the people in Utah are no less immoral than people in other states and countries.

2) Life outside of Utah is not scary and dark and ugly.  It's really quite nice, and people outside of Utah also tend to be really nice.

3) Jesus Christ is not a Republican.

Okay, that is all.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Some Jace

This one was from quite awhile ago.  You can tell because he's still bald.  He takes his baths in the bathroom now, instead of the kitchen.  Doesn't he just look so chill, though... he's always this relaxed (almost).

Here's a shot of his infamous Mongolian spot.  It looks like a bruise, but it's not (See it, there? On his back?).  I guess it's an Asian thing.

One more closeup of that arm...  Dang!  He must take after his dad.

He may have NBA shoulders, but he's definitely got soccer feet.... or monkey feet.  Really, who needs hands?

And then a couple of teething shots.

The boy chews on EVERYTHING!


This past year (sorry a lot of these updates are always extremely belated) I discovered the newest, most creepy children's toy!!  Enjoy!

Each squeeze is a new note in their melody of life!!

Each color represents a different key or octave!!

Their mouths look like hair things from the 80's!!

There are just so many options!!

They combine great with classic toys from YOUR childhood!!

Move over, Furby!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween Heroes

Happy Halloween!!

Jace was Batman this year.  I say "this year", but we all know he will likely be Batman every year.  I am pictured with the man himself; I am, of course, Batman's biggest fan.

Beware evil-doers.

The cape.

And here were some close runners-up.  I'd say they are potential costumes for next year, but....yeah.