Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Welcome Home Gift, From Nature

Summer at home was great for everyone, but we're back in Provo for the school year.  We're back in the house we left behind, but it seems there is a lot more work to do all of a sudden.

My brother already informed you of the felled tree branch incident.  We finally got the branches cut up and removed (thanks to our landlord), but we now have hundreds of tiny weed trees growing up everywhere.  Couple that with the myriad of other giant weeds that have sprouted and the major piles of poop that have accumulated, and....yeah.  

The jungle atmosphere has also led to more wildlife.
This was growing under our back steps.

There are also tons of spiders and webs around the yard.  Don't worry, we're getting it taken care of.

These last few pictures are closeups of the felled branch mentioned earlier.  Apparently it was burned somehow in several places.  Any guesses as to the cause?
We think maybe 4th of July fireworks....

Or it could be the power lines that the tree was growing around...
Do you have any theories?

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