Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another Semester Over...

School became really difficult toward the end of the semester.  Kira was in and out of the hospital a few times and Jace came the week that all of my final projects were due.  My professors were all really understanding, I had to finish some tests and projects late, I did not even complete one project, and I still finished with a good GPA.  Modesty precludes me telling you exactly what that is.

On the down side, neither of us have really had a job since March.  Now that we're back home in the Tri-Cities, I have started an unpaid internship at the Benton County Commissioners office in Kennewick.  Hopefully this week we will get a solid internet connection at home and then I will continue the research I started this semester.  We also expect some insurance reimbursements this summer.  That will help.

On the up side, Kira and I have had few responsibilities to distract us from taking care of Jace.  And I have had more time to read and play the guitar.  By that I mean, read books and play the guitar.


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