Saturday, April 9, 2011

Error on the Side of

Caution or Optimism.

So I know most of you are eager to hear more about Baby J, but that's too bad.  I'm going to tell you really quick about the other mini-visitor we hosted this week.

Two days before Kira was supposed to be induced, we got a little surprise.

Kira spotted him first.  We had a mouse in our house.  Our landlord assures us that he's never seen a mouse in there before and that there are no holes; he must have come in from the garage.

If he weren't running around in my bedroom, he might actually be kind of cute.  It took us an hour and a half to get him out of the house.  It may have taken us longer, but luckily the mouse found a way to climb up one of Kira's dresses and hid in the clothes hanging up in our closet.

Eventually we trapped him onto one hanger, dropped the hanger into a bucket and took him outside.  The fun part was that then we had to wash all of our clothes and the bedding from our room (in case he had somehow climbed up the bedskirt).

I always try to be safe, have backup plans, and error on the side of caution.  We thought about the possibility of the mouse getting into other rooms or onto tabletops, etc.  Then I thought about equating marginal cost and marginal benefit.  The odds that the mouse got on anything else was not high enough to go through the effort of deep cleaning anything else.  I realized that it is sometimes better to error on the side of optimism.  We assumed the best and stop cleaning at 2:00am.