Sunday, March 20, 2011

Literature and Ramblings

I am approaching the end of my first year of graduate school.  This year I have probably read more books for pleasure than during my entire time as an undergraduate, and probably during high school as well.  I am still coming across new words faster than I can define and share them, but I want to make sure that more of my mind ends up preserved here than just massive word lists (though those will continue, don't worry).

When I first try to think about the experiences I have had and the things that I have learned this year since September, my mind immediately reverts to the things I have read in Patrick O'Brian's sailing novels or Frank Herbert's (or Brian Herbert's) Dune works.  Nevertheless, the most important things that I have experienced are actually in the real world.

If you haven't already heard, I have decided without a doubt that I am PhD bound.  A year from April I will graduate from BYU (again) and will shortly thereafter being my PhD program in economics at some yet-to-be-determined university.  Two years and a thesis after that, I will begin what will hopefully be a successful and adventurous career as a professor of economics.

In preparation for this, I have taken several math classes (which I haven't done since high school) and learned that Calculus is only a beginning.  I am also taking graduate-level economics courses that I could not fit into my undergraduate schedule after I finally decided on the major.  And I started working as a research assistant for two different professors in the economics department.  In only two semesters I have gained a lot of valuable experience and knowledge about my chosen field, and I am excited for the future.

Since I am in a public policy program, I have also learned much about the inner-workings of politics and policy formation, which exist too closely together all too often.  After devoting so much time to studying many of the biggest policy issues today (which have mostly been the biggest policy issues in any day), I am baffled by the many people around me that seem to have such entrenched opinions.  The more I learn, the less able I am to fully agree with anyone.  In part, this is why I tend to dislike politics.

We also have a dog living with us now, as you most likely know.  Seconds is doing great and appears to have survived the winter with much vigor.

The greatest advance in my life this year has been the gestation of my first child, a son.  Kira and I have been preparing all year for the big changes that are almost here.  Kira has been doing great; she's healthy and happy and the best-looking pregnant woman I've ever seen.  We've been reading as much as we can about (and spending a lot of money on) baby things.  Kira even quit her job last week and she's excited to be able to get the boy's room ready, etc.  We have been extremely blessed by the benevolence of family and friends and we are grateful for their help.

I cannot help but exclaim that life is good!

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  1. Thanks for this. I love to learn more about you by “hearing” your thoughts and goings on. You two will great parents! Need to let us all know what things you are in need of for my grandson. :) We can help!
    Love you!