Tuesday, March 1, 2011

10 more

  1. profligate- one who is recklessly wasteful; prodigal; extravagant
  2. contumelious- rudely or arrogantly contemptuous or insolent.
    (contumeliously; contumeliousness)
  3. florid- excessively ornate or decorated; flowery
    (floridity; floridly)
  4. vestry- a storage room in a church; a committee assigned to manage the temporal affairs of a church.  
  5. burgoo- (in the South): a stew made of whatever is lying around; (at sea): a thick porridge.
  6. august- befitting a Lord; noble; revered, honored.
  7. inveterate- chronic, continual; over a long period of time. (possibly the same root as 'veteran')
    (inveterated; inveteracy)
  8. phlegmatic- sluggish, without enthusiasm; showing little or no emotion.
  9. petulant- cranky; easily irritated or annoyed.
  10. to pule- to whine or wail weakly; to whimper.

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