Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Some Werds

  1. blunderbuss- a short musket with a flared muzzle. (quite a piratey looking weapon)
  2. pillion- a secondary seat, behind the main seat of a horse or motorbike.
  3. to cod- to tease, harass; to fool, dupe.
  4. lough- Irish lake or sea inlet
  5. tarpaulin- a waterproof canvas. (long for tarp)
  6. posset- hot milk, slightly curdled with ale or beer.
  7. poteen- Irish moonshine, (illegally produced Irish liquor)
  8. dunnage- scrap material used for packing cargo more tightly by filling in gaps.
  9. portmanteau- a large, leather traveling bag with two compartments; a word made by taking parts from two other words and combining their meaning (brunch, smog, blog, etc.)
  10. bridewell- a small prison; a police station that has cells.

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