Monday, January 17, 2011


  1. indelible- irremovable, cannot be erased.
  2. curlew- a large shorebird.
  3. polecat- one of several types of European weasel; a skunk.
  4. gelding- a castrated male horse.
  5. gentry- the upper class; the most powerful members of society.
  6. ostler- a person employed at a stable, one who looks after horses.
  7. to ret- to prepare flax, hemp, etc. for use by soaking the plant to separate the fibers.
  8. jabot- the ruffle on the front of an old-style shirt.
  9. image obtained from
  10. tripe- the lining of stomach tissue from a pig or cow, used for food.
  11. caubeen- an Irish soldier's headdress

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