Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some summer, 2010

This past summer, I did some things that I'm pretty sure I've never done before.  I went to a circus.
 Here is a picture of the elephant.  Circuses really are what you think they are: kind of cool, but mostly cruel.  All the animals were old and arthritic; I'm sure they've spent their entire lives stepping on and off pedestals for a crowd that could barely care any less.
They offered elephant rides at half-time, and I thought this might be a cool idea.  Unfortunately, from what I could tell they piled 30 people on 1 elephant who took 20 minutes to walk in 10 ft. circle--not so great.
 On the bright side, I also got to fire an AK-47 this summer.  My good friend, Jo, was kind enough to share this opportunity with me.  It was not automatic, which I guess makes it legal in the U.S.  Though I certainly still felt like a Bad-A.
Here is one picture of the back of our target afterwards.  Most of the holes (especially the ones near the center) have nothing to do with me.
Finally, I bowled my first legitimate Turkey while bowling at work with the Arc.  That's right, check out those X's all in a row.
My now top score is not so high.  Despite my best efforts, I still did not break 150, but I got closer than anyone probably ever thought I would.

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