Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some Gaelic, and others

  1. shanachie- (or sennachie) a professional storyteller of family history or legend; an onpasser of oral traditions.
  2. ceilidh- a Scottish or Irish gathering of folk music, dancing, and storytelling. (I suspect not unlike the last great birthday party of Bilbo Baggins)
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  4. shebeen- an illegal bar or tavern under apartheid.
  5. cassock- an ankle-length, clerical robe. (so that's what it is called...)
  6. cockade- a rosette, or knot of ribbons, worn on a hat.
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  8. urbane- refined and sophisticated; polite, polished, courteous, and suave.
  9. filly- a young, female horse that has not yet had a colt.
  10. ingenuous- candid, frank; unable to mask one's feelings or intentions; without guile.
  11. demesne- one's estate; the plot of land that they own. (particularly in medieval England)
  12. inimical- unfriendly; hostile; harmful

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