Saturday, January 15, 2011

10 Words

  1. opulent- rich, affluent; fancy, luxurious.
  2. malaise- a feeling of discomfort, generally due to illness or depression.
  3. gaunt- thin, bony; haggard; barren, desolate.
  4. bucolic- (n.) peasant; (adj.) peasantlike
  5. pergola- a gazebo frame for plants to grow on.
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  6. ambivalent- uncertain or unable to decide; agnostic.
  7. lathe- a machine tool for shaping metal or wood by rotating it on an axis. (Here is Edgar Martinez making a bat on a lathe at Eagle Hardware and Garden).
  8. moratorium- a legal postponement; required suspension of activity.
  9. bifurcated- separated into two parts, sections, or types.
  10. vis-à-vis- (literally, face-to-face); compared with; opposite from; in relation to.

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