Monday, January 31, 2011

Good quote from a fictional villain-of-sorts

"Do not confuse the accumulation of data with intelligence...They are not equivalent."
-Erasmus, the independent robot

(Dune: The Machine Crusade, B. Herbert and K.J. Anderson)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Some summer, 2010

This past summer, I did some things that I'm pretty sure I've never done before.  I went to a circus.
 Here is a picture of the elephant.  Circuses really are what you think they are: kind of cool, but mostly cruel.  All the animals were old and arthritic; I'm sure they've spent their entire lives stepping on and off pedestals for a crowd that could barely care any less.
They offered elephant rides at half-time, and I thought this might be a cool idea.  Unfortunately, from what I could tell they piled 30 people on 1 elephant who took 20 minutes to walk in 10 ft. circle--not so great.
 On the bright side, I also got to fire an AK-47 this summer.  My good friend, Jo, was kind enough to share this opportunity with me.  It was not automatic, which I guess makes it legal in the U.S.  Though I certainly still felt like a Bad-A.
Here is one picture of the back of our target afterwards.  Most of the holes (especially the ones near the center) have nothing to do with me.
Finally, I bowled my first legitimate Turkey while bowling at work with the Arc.  That's right, check out those X's all in a row.
My now top score is not so high.  Despite my best efforts, I still did not break 150, but I got closer than anyone probably ever thought I would.

Some Gaelic, and others

  1. shanachie- (or sennachie) a professional storyteller of family history or legend; an onpasser of oral traditions.
  2. ceilidh- a Scottish or Irish gathering of folk music, dancing, and storytelling. (I suspect not unlike the last great birthday party of Bilbo Baggins)
  3. Image obtained from
  4. shebeen- an illegal bar or tavern under apartheid.
  5. cassock- an ankle-length, clerical robe. (so that's what it is called...)
  6. cockade- a rosette, or knot of ribbons, worn on a hat.
  7. Image obtained from
  8. urbane- refined and sophisticated; polite, polished, courteous, and suave.
  9. filly- a young, female horse that has not yet had a colt.
  10. ingenuous- candid, frank; unable to mask one's feelings or intentions; without guile.
  11. demesne- one's estate; the plot of land that they own. (particularly in medieval England)
  12. inimical- unfriendly; hostile; harmful

Friday, January 21, 2011

The Human Body is an Amazing Thing

Two days ago, I gashed open the tip of my index finger with an envelope from a credit card company.

Today, I wouldn't know the wound were there except for the slight discoloration.

Soon, it will be completely healed.

Just sayin'.

Monday, January 17, 2011


  1. indelible- irremovable, cannot be erased.
  2. curlew- a large shorebird.
  3. polecat- one of several types of European weasel; a skunk.
  4. gelding- a castrated male horse.
  5. gentry- the upper class; the most powerful members of society.
  6. ostler- a person employed at a stable, one who looks after horses.
  7. to ret- to prepare flax, hemp, etc. for use by soaking the plant to separate the fibers.
  8. jabot- the ruffle on the front of an old-style shirt.
  9. image obtained from
  10. tripe- the lining of stomach tissue from a pig or cow, used for food.
  11. caubeen- an Irish soldier's headdress

Origami at Work

It was a pretty slow day, so we got creative.

Vending Machine Fail

 What a clever advertising idea for Cloverhill.
 Except that Cloverhill doesn't make Gardetto's.

Apparently they are targeting midgets.

Happy Birthday Kira!!

I warned y'all that I was behind on posting.  If you don't know, Kira's birthday is not in January.  In any case, these are some highlights.
We didn't have any candles, and the only decorating stuff we could find was the last of some black icing-stuff.  Yes, that is 25 matches in her cake.
 She liked these streamers at the base of the stairs.  It's fun to do little surprises like this--especially because it is so hard to do when Kira is always there. =)

 Our favorite b-day gift this year.  Now we can sport our Suns pride even when we're trapped in Jazz territory.
And one of our excellent nephews shaped these cookies into a special message for Kira.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

10 Words

  1. opulent- rich, affluent; fancy, luxurious.
  2. malaise- a feeling of discomfort, generally due to illness or depression.
  3. gaunt- thin, bony; haggard; barren, desolate.
  4. bucolic- (n.) peasant; (adj.) peasantlike
  5. pergola- a gazebo frame for plants to grow on.
    Image obtained from
  6. ambivalent- uncertain or unable to decide; agnostic.
  7. lathe- a machine tool for shaping metal or wood by rotating it on an axis. (Here is Edgar Martinez making a bat on a lathe at Eagle Hardware and Garden).
  8. moratorium- a legal postponement; required suspension of activity.
  9. bifurcated- separated into two parts, sections, or types.
  10. vis-à-vis- (literally, face-to-face); compared with; opposite from; in relation to.

Lucky Lady

The first week after we moved into our current house, we had a crazy windstorm that knocked down tree branches across the neighborhood.  Early the next morning, I took the dog for a walk and I got to see a lot of the damage before anyone cleaned it up.

This house definitely got it the worst.  But notice how this tree did not touch the house, the mailbox, or even the car.  Wow.

-composite shots from my cellphone.

Did I post this yet?

Last year, the Museum of Art at BYU had an exhibit about self reflection.  They collected art from around the world that represented unique kinds of self portraits.  This is my favorite example.

This piece was lit on fire for about 10 minutes at a time between classes, and every hour or so on the weekends.

So if you ever see someone walking around with his mustache on fire, tell him I said he has cool artwork.