Thursday, December 2, 2010


Fun times, eh?  Winter has finally arrived here in Utah (several days after the Blizzard).  Kira and I celebrated by attending the Christmas light ceremony at the Riverwoods in Provo.  It was mostly a shameless promotion for the new stores in the outdoor shopping center, but they also turned on some pretty cool Christmas lights.
This is a blue tree with icicle lights, and another big tree made of glowing orbs.
They had a man making an ice sculpture.  I'm always impressed that they do this with a chainsaw.  The detail is spectacular.

And it finally snowed at home.  The dog enjoyed playing in (and eating, and peeing on) the snow.  We enjoyed throwing snowballs at him... teehee.

We then made a snow sculpture of ourselves (including future Baby Miller).  My eyes are made of grapes.  Kira's and the child's are almonds... get it?  It looks kind of like a weird little nativity, but it really isn't.  It's us.


  1. I don't get it... :(

  2. Love the pictures! Love the family picture! :-D

  3. And we hadn't seen this before we saw the penguins and thought of you guys.