Tuesday, December 28, 2010

10 Words

  1. frieze- the part of a Greco-Roman structure as labeled in this image:
  2. Image courtesy of www.historyforkids.org
  3. sapient- acutely insightful and wise.
  4. charnel- a tomb, a depository of dead bodies; (adj.) indicative of death. 
  5. apotheosis- (verb) to deify; (noun) the ideal.
  6. recalcitrant- stubbornly resistant to authority; hard to cooperate with.
  7. cuckold- an unfaithful husband; the scum of the Earth.
  8. dais- a raised platform, to give prominence to whoever occupies it.
  9. coffer- an ornamental trunk; an ornamental, sunken panel in a ceiling or dome like this:
  10. Image courtesy of www.imperialdesign.on.ca
  11. filigree- delicate and intricate ornamentation, often made from wire of precious metals.  What's that? You want an example?  Okay, it's this stuff:
  12. maw- informal term for mouth; where food enters the body; the jaws of a ravenous creature.

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  1. So. Where did you get the recording of me playing my pipes?