Thursday, December 2, 2010

10 words of December

With no relation to December... (10 points to anyone who can use any of these words in a sentence about December)
  1. fiduciary- a person who holds assets for a beneficiary; (also used more generally; e.g., a trustee).
  2. minutiae- minor, often negligible details.
  3. auspicious- of good omen; boding well.
  4. crone- a woman who has passed the stage of menopause; (also used derogatorily).
  5. redolent- fragrant; (used with 'with' or 'of').
  6. fusillade- rapid, simultaneous discharge of firearms.
  7. skirl- the playing of bagpipes; the sound of bagpipes; a high-pitched, wailing sound.
  8. keening- mournful, vocal lamenting (as at a wake).
  9. serried- crowded, shoulder-to-shoulder (often as in army ranks).
  10. abattoir- slaughterhouse, where animals are butchered.

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