Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Words of the Day

  1. sundry- various, miscellaneous, assorted (maybe at random).

  2. trollop- a dirty, untidy woman; an adulteress.

  3. throes- severe spasms of pain.

  4. brigand- bandit; an armed thief, usually part of a gang.

  5. adz- an axlike tool, with a curved, chisellike head.
  6. image obtained from avatargo.com/martinmkt/

  7. alacrity- liveliness, eagerness, enthusiasm.

  8. retinue- a group of servants, attending to someone important/noble.

  9. reticent- holding back; restrained.

  10. archipelago- a chain or cluster of islands.

  11. compunction- a feeling of deep regret; remorse.

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