Thursday, November 11, 2010

It’s like The Matrix, only better

Kira and I went to see Inception this week. We had previously seen the first half, but finally got out to finish the flick. I admit that I am quite impressed. With Batman Begins, the Prestige, the Dark Knight and now Inception, Christopher Nolan is officially my new favorite writer/director.

I’ll first mention the special effects. I still recall when the Matrix was the hit movie because of its unique visual style and effects. Every few years, a new movie makes me think that we've finally reached the point of "if you can dream it, we can see it on the big screen." This movie, literally about our dreams, may have actually succeeded.

My favorite scene was one in which Arthur (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) floats around (and fights hand-to-hand) inside of a hotel with shifting gravity.

Opponents of James Cameron's Avatar know that in the movie world, special effects are not enough to make one great.  Nolan's prowess in creating original, captivating stories is also evident in this film.  Inception introduces us to the complex world of our own subconscious, our power over subconscious and its potential power over us.  Three simultaneous adventures--including a high-speed car chase, a hotel shootout, and the invasion of a mountain stronghold--are interspersed with Cobb's (DiCaprio) struggle against the grief within his mind.  Throughout the complexities, I was also impressed that the plot unfolded in a way that was not too hard to follow.  Important details were gradually introduced into the storyline, in contrast to the you-blink-you-miss-it aspect of similar films.

I also enjoyed the cliffhanger ending of the film.  I love it when movies don't tie up everything all nice for you.  It leaves you something to think about as the credits role and in a way, the film encourages you to take a piece of it with you.

Great story.  Great presentation.  A great ride.

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