Sunday, September 19, 2010

Minutes and Seconds

I don't know what the significant of "Minutes" is, but Seconds is the name of my dog.  He is some sort of mix between a German Shepherd and a Boxer.  He may have some Labrador in him as well, but we're not sure.  He is about 8 years old now, 9 in October.  That makes him a senior citizen in dog years.  He could belong to the AARC.  Maybe we can get discounts at PetSmart.

Seconds was named because he was the only puppy in his litter to routinely return to his mother for seconds during feeding time.  He has been through many stages since we got him at 8 weeks.  He has weighed as much as at least 88 lbs, though now he is back down to about 75.  He loves to play tug-of-war with a deflated basketball or football and go for long walks.  He lies around most of the time, but he gets pretty excited when visitors come over.  We have been having a lot of fun introducing him to new people and he definitely enjoys the attention.

Here is a picture of him in his new dog house.  It looks pretty small from this angle (especially because Seconds is taking up the whole doorway), but he fits in the house quite well and spends most of his nights there:

Here he is travelling from Washington to Utah in the back of my mom's little SUV:
He loves to play tug-of-war, like I said, but fetch is not his strong suit:
Oh, well.  You gotta love him.  And we're excited to have him.  =)


  1. i love that puppy! i am glad that you guys are giving him lots of love! :)

  2. Im happy things are working out with having him there. He's a cute dog...much bigger then what I thought for some reason.