Sunday, September 19, 2010

Back to the Y

Summer time is the worst time for me to be on top of things. But now we're back to the grindstone and we finally got internet installed in our new home.

Here is a long update told in a less long fashion:

I worked for the ARC during the summer. I was a counselor/driver for children ages 7-21 or so. Most all of the kids had some kind of disability and so it was a completely new experience for me. The ARC offers door-to-door service for about 100 children for their summer camp program and so every counselor is either a driver or a ride-along helper.

I got to drive a large VanPool vehicle with a wheelchair lift for which I was required to receive special training from the Ben-Franklin Transit. Each day, I spent 4 hours driving and 4 hours with children that needed a lot of attention. In the end, it was a lot of work, emotion draining, and fun. I would not trade the experience for anything. I grew a lot and understand now a lot more about disabilities; I am also more comfortable around people with disabilities.

After work, Kira and I had many chances to go swimming, play tennis, and visit with family and friends. Our plethora of family kept us busy almost every day. After my last day of work, I went with Kira's family to the Oregon coast for a few days. And then, all at once, the summer was over.

A caveat on the summer:
We spent almost every day throughout the summer taking care of my dog from high school, Seconds. At first, we would visit Seconds at my dad's house or pick him up and take him to Kira's house for the day. My dad is preparing to sell his house, so the dog moved to my sister's boyfriend's house just outside of town. We couldn't visit as often because the drive was a little longer, but they have two other dogs and he was happy there for a month or so. Seconds is why we are now renting a house instead of returning to our old apartment. He is adjusting to the change of being an outside-only dog, but I think he is happy that we are here to play with him. We finally got him a doghouse this week and we are excited that he is using it.

Now that school has started, life is not too much different than it was before. Graduate school feels like undergraduate school except I only need 12 credits each semester instead of 15. I am a TA for a class I took in the Winter and an RA for an Economics professor. I like learning, but I cannot help but feel like a super-senior. I already graduated but I still have two years of classes to take before I can get into a decent PhD program (I am hoping for the University of Chicago, but I shy away from saying it out loud).

Welcome back!

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  1. Glad to hear you got a dog house. Can you post a picture? I am really glad to know he is using it. Love you!!