Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Anyone seen a piano bench leg on SR240?

In order to transport all of our belongings from Washington to Utah, we decided to rent a small U-Haul trailer; we thought this a better option than having 6 of our friends each take a share in their cars as we did moving home.  On our way out of town, a lady yelled at us on the highway to tell us that our trailer was open.  I pulled over immediately and was relieved to find out that apparently nothing had fallen out.

It was not until several days after moving in that we realized we only had 3 legs for our piano bench.

Apparently one of the legs (which we detached to save space in transit) did not make it.  So if you see a black rectangular prism of wood on SR-240 between Richland and Kennewick, please let me know.  Until then, the cone is working out pretty well.

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