Monday, May 17, 2010

Back in the TC

Hello!  After two and a half weeks of vacation and travelling (not always the same thing), we are finally back in the Tri-cities.
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It's good to be home.  Kira and I are both excited to have a summer in the hometowns, and to spend time with family and friends that we normally do not get to see.  This weekend, I celebrated my birthday.  I was able to have dinner with each family and a campfire roast with some buddies that I haven't seen in years.  It is the best I have felt in several semesters.

And the trip to California was good.  We got to spend some quality time with our friends, Mark and Jasmine Sawyer; my brother got married and we were able to be there to support and love them; and we went to Disneyland twice!  The bad news is that we spent a decent chunk of savings on the trip and are still without jobs.  But it is summer vacation and we are trying to enjoy the beautiful weather and the time away from school and the bustle of Utah Valley.  I am sure that we will find jobs soon, or that we will otherwise be just fine in the end.  Grad school starts in the fall, and I am sure that we will need to incur a small amount of debt anyway.  I think we just need to focus our attention now on surviving the next two years of life--and taking advantage of every moment we can in a place we may not be able to always call home.


  1. I really enjoy your blogs!

  2. Soaking our feet in a bathtub because the hot tub is closed, only to have it regurgitate junk an hour later. The hot tub freezing cold the next day. Getting on the wrong bus back from Disneyland. Going to the beach twice with it cold and cloudy one time and attacking our ankles with sand the next time. Lots of cool pictures, gone the way of my formatting-crazy camera. Missing the parades because we had the wrong time. You leaving your keys in the trunk of your car every time we got out. Bumper cars with only two cars?! You call that "some quality time"?!?!?!?

    Well we sure thought it was :)