Saturday, May 29, 2010

2011 Chevy Volt

This is for an ad project I did last semester with a small group.  My main contribution was to create the actual ads (I love Adobe Photoshop).  Please enjoy the ads, and feel free to ignore the typos. =)

The Book contains all the details of the project from the research to the arbitrary allocation of fake money. The bottom line is that regular people do not like hybrids because of the negative stereotype associated with the cars; i.e., hybrid drivers are often pompous, "holier-than-thou" D-bags whom we all want to punch in the face though we are too cool ourselves to actually give them the pleasure of our fists in their mouths.

I apologize if you are a hybrid driver.  I mean no offence to you as an individual, but you must know that when people realize you drive a hybrid, this is how they are thinking about you...

The focus of our campaign is to counteract this stereotype and show commuters that the Chevy Volt is a practical alternative to other hybrids.

Here are the ads:
Two print ads for magazines:

People think most about their commute--and the parts they want to change--while they are actually travelling to and from work.  At the bus stop, we wanted to give commuters an opportunity to consider more comfortable alternatives to public transit; we wanted to give them a chance to see themselves in a hybrid.

At the gas pump is when commuters contemplate the Benjamins drained on gasoline.

And although gasoline and natural gas are not technically the same thing, we call them the same word so we may get away with inserting this mailer into the monthly gas bill.

*All images of the Chevy Volt and the Chevy Bowtie are used without permission, but are strictly for educational purposes in association with this ad project.  Don't try and reuse these as you might get me in trouble.  Thanks.

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  1. hey the Volt ads turned out well! Congrats, I hope you were graded well on them too!