Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Plant Vocab- Botany

BONUS: Today is a special 10 New Words of the Day day. In recent readings, I have come across many plant terms. I do not know anything about botany, so I decided that that best way for me to define a plant is via one thousand words--or equivalently, a picture*.

Here are your 16 new words of the day:
  1. myrtle-
  2. hyacinth-
  3. wisteria-
  4. oleander-
  5. sphagnum (peat moss)-
  6. hellebore-
  7. foxglove-
  8. euphorbia (this is actually one of the most diverse genera in the plant kingdom; here are some examples of the over 2,000 species)-

  9. sorrel-
  10. marjoram (this is a spice with sweet pine and citrus flavors)-
  11. lichens-
  12. taro-
  13. linden-
  14. banyan (the strangler fig)-
  15. sumac-
  16. fireweed-

*all images obtained from

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