Thursday, March 18, 2010

Vocab #6

OztN's 10 New Words of the Day!!

1. gaoler- a prison guard
2. imprecation- a curse, a wish of evil upon someone; a slanderous accusation
3. deportment- behavior, demeanor
4. to reconnoiter- to scout; to perform a reconnaissance
5. redoubt- a temporary military fort/shelter; a smaller fort sitting outside the main fort
6. munificently- lavishly; very generously, liberally
7. aplomb- coolness/composure under pressure; stability
8. to pinion- to bind the arms of; to cut the wings off of
FYI: these small ridges are also pinions*.

9. to cavort- to frolic; to prance; to play boisterously
10. to roil- to churn, to agitate (as of a liquid); to annoy, to arouse to impatience/anger

You're welcome.

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