Wednesday, March 3, 2010

More Vocab

I'll be ready for that GRE, round 2 in no time.
By the way, I love when I type in a word into a Google search, and the first hit is a dictionary definition because no one actually uses the word in real contexts.  Better yet--some of these words are not even recognized by the spell-checker.

raconteur- a skilled story-teller; an interesting life-recounter
to limn- to represent or describe through words or pictures
wright- (I am not sure if I had heard this one by itself before) one who makes something (e.g. playwright; would this mean that an ob/gyn is in some sense a birthwright?)
missive- a written message
myrmidon- one who carries out his master's will without hesitation or question; a yes-man (reference to Greek mythology)
desiccated- dehydrated; having all liquid removed
propitious- (pruh-pish-uhs) favorable; of good omen (I have read this many times, but was unsure how to pronounce it.  I was wrong =))
chandlery- a storehouse of candles (a chandler is a candle-maker or -seller)
to tipple- to drink alcoholic liquor
exigency- urgency; a state of urgency; emergency
cur- an unfriendly stray dog; a mean, cowardly person
concomitant- (adj.) accompanying, often in a secondary way; concurrent
incarnadine- blood-red; flesh-colored
clemency- mercifulness, leniency; mildness, temperateness
to immure- to enclose, to imprison; to fortify with walls
piton- a metal spike with an eye through which a rope can pass (mountaineering)
to sunder- to divide, to separate; to sever (now I see where "asunder" comes from)
to eventuate- to result in, to bring about (I am starting to think that some of these words are jokes)
manumission- emancipation; the act of freeing from slavery
cresset- an ancient equivalent of a lamp...this one needs a picture
image obtained from
ineluctable- inescapable; unavoidable
abrade- to scrape/rub off; to wear down by scraping
grizzled- having gray or partly gray hair
insuperable- unsurmountable
seraglio- the part of a Muslim palace where the concubines are kept; harem
immolate- to sacrifice (by burning)
thoracic- pertaining to the thorax
mien- demeanor; character
pithy- short, forceful, and meaningful
insouciant- carefree, nonchalant

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