Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Moment of Self Indulgence

Recently, some debate has been circulating on certain social networking sites about whether my wife and I have the most amazing marriage in the world. For the sake of everyone’s morale, I will not attempt here to clarify the truth of that assertion; however, I would like to say that I am unbelievably and irrevocably in love with Kira Jeppson Miller.
This woman is my world. My devotion toward her is second only to my devotion toward God. I have never met anyone who is more full of love for others than is my wife. Anyone who knows her knows that she is the one to go to when you need a compassionate, listening ear and an open heart. Her unguarded honesty and ability to communicate is a major contributor to the happiness and success that we share.

She is the girl of my dreams, who is actively becoming the woman with whom I will share eternity. Her humility catalyzes the growth that she experiences every day. She is an inspirational force in my life, constantly encouraging me to be a better person so that I might become the kind of man that she thinks I am, the kind of man that she deserves.

Simultaneously, as she grows into womanhood, I know that she will never allow herself to be anything other than a little girl inside—in a good way. I regrettably admit that I have spent many years thinking about the nature of humor and what makes situations and/or people funny (this is a regret only because knowing this you are all now wondering why I am not a funnier person). Nevertheless, Kira continues every day to surprise me with her wit. She picks up on things that I never would and always puts a smile on my face.
Granted, I am wont to smile whenever I so much as see her in periphery. That is for the obvious reason which is that Kira Miller is the most beautiful woman in the entire world. And as long as I don’t mess things up, she’s mine to keep. Sometimes that alone is reason enough to rejoice.

The greatest part of my life—and the fact for which I am most thankful on a regular basis—is that miracle of miracles: she loves me, too.


  1. I am so blessed to have you both in my life! Love!

  2. You are a great couple! :-) You are blessed to have each other! Love you guys!

  3. I totally agree with how you have described Kira, without her in my life I would have been lost a couple of is so heart warming to read how much you love her. I sure miss you guys.

  4. That is so sweet! She is beautiful and I am so happy that you guys are happy! Sounds like you are a lucky man.