Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It Just Keeps Coming

  1. celerity-
  2. speed, swiftness (same root as acceleration, I reckon)

  • suppliant-
  • a petitioner, one who supplicates

  • misogyny- 
  • hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women.
            image obtained from

  • dissemblance- 
  • dissimilarity; unlikeness
  • fatuous-
  • foolish, inane, silly; unreal, illusory
  • valedictory-
  •  saying farewell; of or pertaining to leave-taking (the valedictorian, then, is the one chosen to speak at the closing ceremony)

  • capitulate-
  •  to surrender unconditionally, without terms; to give in

  • sutler- 
  • a person who follows an army to sell food and provisions to soldiers
  • libation- 
  • a pouring out of wine in honor of a deity
  • to disinter-
  •  to exhume, unearth; to bring out of obscurity

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