Wednesday, March 31, 2010

It Just Keeps Coming

  1. celerity-
  2. speed, swiftness (same root as acceleration, I reckon)

  • suppliant-
  • a petitioner, one who supplicates

  • misogyny- 
  • hatred, dislike, or mistrust of women.
            image obtained from

  • dissemblance- 
  • dissimilarity; unlikeness
  • fatuous-
  • foolish, inane, silly; unreal, illusory
  • valedictory-
  •  saying farewell; of or pertaining to leave-taking (the valedictorian, then, is the one chosen to speak at the closing ceremony)

  • capitulate-
  •  to surrender unconditionally, without terms; to give in

  • sutler- 
  • a person who follows an army to sell food and provisions to soldiers
  • libation- 
  • a pouring out of wine in honor of a deity
  • to disinter-
  •  to exhume, unearth; to bring out of obscurity

    The Right to Vote: What will you put your support behind?

    I don't know if you have seen this already or not, but it is worth watching and thinking about. Granted, the word "suffrage" sounds a lot like "suffering"; however, I am amazed at how many people will sign a petition without taking the time to understand what they are supporting.

    How often do we go along with something that sounds good without thoroughly considering what might really be going on? Although, this guy does look pretty sincere and makes a thoroughly convincing argument...

    Note: Though only women were asked to participate, I feel that is video is poking fun at higher education, not any specific gender group.

    Asian Drummer Boy

    This post is in honor of my drummer friends who wish they had started this early, and my Asian friends who are probably the only people with any hope of producing this kind of prodigy. This boy is reportedly only 3 years old, but he definitely knows what he's doing.

    Wednesday, March 24, 2010

    10 New Words of the Day

    Vocab #7

    Next 10 New Words of the Day

    1. exculpatory- tending to clear from a charge of fault or guilt.
    2. sward- turf, grass; sod.
    3. macabre- gruesome, horrifying; pertaining to the uglier aspects of death.
    4. alidade- a surveying tool consisting of a straightedge with a telescopic sight.
    image obtained from
    5. panoplied- equipped with armor; arrayed in ceremonial attire.
    6. chthonic- having to do with the underworld; subterranean.
    7. insensate- without human feeling or compassion (also: insentient).
    8. kohl- Middle Eastern eye makeup, made to darken the edges of eyelids.
    9. sluice- an artificial water channel with a gate or valve; a floodgate.
    10. effluent- liquid waste; wastewater

    Thursday, March 18, 2010

    Vocab #6

    OztN's 10 New Words of the Day!!

    1. gaoler- a prison guard
    2. imprecation- a curse, a wish of evil upon someone; a slanderous accusation
    3. deportment- behavior, demeanor
    4. to reconnoiter- to scout; to perform a reconnaissance
    5. redoubt- a temporary military fort/shelter; a smaller fort sitting outside the main fort
    6. munificently- lavishly; very generously, liberally
    7. aplomb- coolness/composure under pressure; stability
    8. to pinion- to bind the arms of; to cut the wings off of
    FYI: these small ridges are also pinions*.

    9. to cavort- to frolic; to prance; to play boisterously
    10. to roil- to churn, to agitate (as of a liquid); to annoy, to arouse to impatience/anger

    You're welcome.

    *image obtained from

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010

    A Moment of Self Indulgence

    Recently, some debate has been circulating on certain social networking sites about whether my wife and I have the most amazing marriage in the world. For the sake of everyone’s morale, I will not attempt here to clarify the truth of that assertion; however, I would like to say that I am unbelievably and irrevocably in love with Kira Jeppson Miller.
    This woman is my world. My devotion toward her is second only to my devotion toward God. I have never met anyone who is more full of love for others than is my wife. Anyone who knows her knows that she is the one to go to when you need a compassionate, listening ear and an open heart. Her unguarded honesty and ability to communicate is a major contributor to the happiness and success that we share.

    She is the girl of my dreams, who is actively becoming the woman with whom I will share eternity. Her humility catalyzes the growth that she experiences every day. She is an inspirational force in my life, constantly encouraging me to be a better person so that I might become the kind of man that she thinks I am, the kind of man that she deserves.

    Simultaneously, as she grows into womanhood, I know that she will never allow herself to be anything other than a little girl inside—in a good way. I regrettably admit that I have spent many years thinking about the nature of humor and what makes situations and/or people funny (this is a regret only because knowing this you are all now wondering why I am not a funnier person). Nevertheless, Kira continues every day to surprise me with her wit. She picks up on things that I never would and always puts a smile on my face.
    Granted, I am wont to smile whenever I so much as see her in periphery. That is for the obvious reason which is that Kira Miller is the most beautiful woman in the entire world. And as long as I don’t mess things up, she’s mine to keep. Sometimes that alone is reason enough to rejoice.

    The greatest part of my life—and the fact for which I am most thankful on a regular basis—is that miracle of miracles: she loves me, too.

    Tuesday, March 16, 2010

    A Little Bit of French Wisdom-- who knew?

    Do not fear to repeat what has already been said. Men need (the truth) dinned into their ears many times and from all sides. The first rumor makes them prick up their ears, the second registers, and the third enters.
                                    --Ren`e Th`eophile Hyacinthe La`ennec

    I cite this as my justification for sharing articles on Google Reader and/or retweeting on Twitter.

    Saturday, March 13, 2010

    Vocab #5

    Due to the insanely large amount of new words that I am finding, I have decided to change the format of my posts.  To cite a favorite cliche of mine, I cannot expect you to drink from a fire hose.

    For that reason, I have decided to give you.... (insert drum roll)...


    The 10 New Words of the Day!!
    Here they are:

    1. paroxysm- a sudden, violent outburst
    2. to decant- to pour from one container to another (with wine: gently, as to not disturb the sediment)
    3. surfeit- an excess; a too-full feeling from overeating/drinking
    4. plaint- a complaint; (related to plaintiff: the one who complains)
    5. to expiate- to atone for; to make amends for
    6. dynamism- a theory that seeks to explain phenomena of nature by the action of force; vigor, great energy
    7. timorous- full of fear
    8. recrudescence- revival; gaining a second wind; coming back into active existence
    9. fecund- fertile; capable of producing offspring
    10. prolific- highly fertile; producing offspring abundantly, with great frequency
    *Image obtained from

    I even numbered them so you would not be tempted to think that I was cheating you.

    Look for the next 10 New Words of the Day coming soon!!

    Tuesday, March 9, 2010

    OztNz Blog

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    Friday, March 5, 2010

    Body Scrubber

    I do not claim to know the statistics or the stereotypes about who uses bar soaps vs. body washes.  Frankly, I do not care.  I use body wash because I found that bar soaps tend to clog my pores and cause me problems.  I've also found that using some sort of abrasive sponge to apply said body wash has helped to increase the health of my largest organ--and before you get excited, I am of course referring to my skin.

    image obtained from

    The main reason I am telling you this is that we are going out of town today, and I was debating whether or not it is worth it to bring this with me.  It does not take up a lot of room in a suitcase, but it can sure leave a residue on anything that it touches and I wonder if I would still like to rub it all over my skin after it has been stuffed in a plastic bag.

    I suppose the practical thing to do would be to buy a new one once I get home, and use it for the weekend.  You can get two for a dollar.  In the end, I would rather have the 50 cents and just let my dead skin cells build up for a few days.

    This reminds me of a regular choice I have to make at work and school when I need a quick, food fix from a vending machine.  Most options range from $1 sandwiches and bagels to $2 sandwiches and hot pockets.  I always opt for the 90 cent burrito--for only $1 I can get a burrito and 10 cents.

    Am I cheap?  I like to think of it as maximizing my utility.

    Wednesday, March 3, 2010

    Steve Nash's Vitamin Water commercial

    Steve Nash tweeted a few days ago about this new commercial from Vitamin Water in which he is spotlighted as the most ridiculous man in the world.  This is obviously a parody of The Most Interesting Man in the World commercials from Dos Equis.  I'll let the video speak for itself.  Nash is a funny guy.

    For proof that Steve Nash is indeed as ridiculous as Vitamin Water claims, check out this video he made of his teammate and friend, Leandro Barbosa:

    More Vocab

    I'll be ready for that GRE, round 2 in no time.
    By the way, I love when I type in a word into a Google search, and the first hit is a dictionary definition because no one actually uses the word in real contexts.  Better yet--some of these words are not even recognized by the spell-checker.

    raconteur- a skilled story-teller; an interesting life-recounter
    to limn- to represent or describe through words or pictures
    wright- (I am not sure if I had heard this one by itself before) one who makes something (e.g. playwright; would this mean that an ob/gyn is in some sense a birthwright?)
    missive- a written message
    myrmidon- one who carries out his master's will without hesitation or question; a yes-man (reference to Greek mythology)
    desiccated- dehydrated; having all liquid removed
    propitious- (pruh-pish-uhs) favorable; of good omen (I have read this many times, but was unsure how to pronounce it.  I was wrong =))
    chandlery- a storehouse of candles (a chandler is a candle-maker or -seller)
    to tipple- to drink alcoholic liquor
    exigency- urgency; a state of urgency; emergency
    cur- an unfriendly stray dog; a mean, cowardly person
    concomitant- (adj.) accompanying, often in a secondary way; concurrent
    incarnadine- blood-red; flesh-colored
    clemency- mercifulness, leniency; mildness, temperateness
    to immure- to enclose, to imprison; to fortify with walls
    piton- a metal spike with an eye through which a rope can pass (mountaineering)
    to sunder- to divide, to separate; to sever (now I see where "asunder" comes from)
    to eventuate- to result in, to bring about (I am starting to think that some of these words are jokes)
    manumission- emancipation; the act of freeing from slavery
    cresset- an ancient equivalent of a lamp...this one needs a picture
    image obtained from
    ineluctable- inescapable; unavoidable
    abrade- to scrape/rub off; to wear down by scraping
    grizzled- having gray or partly gray hair
    insuperable- unsurmountable
    seraglio- the part of a Muslim palace where the concubines are kept; harem
    immolate- to sacrifice (by burning)
    thoracic- pertaining to the thorax
    mien- demeanor; character
    pithy- short, forceful, and meaningful
    insouciant- carefree, nonchalant