Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vocab #3

Here is the latest mass of new words (feel free to notice that the list is no shorter than last week)

chattel- movable (non-land) personal property
to promulgate- to publicly make known; to declare
abecedarian- (adj) pertaining to the alphabet; basic, beginning level; arranged in alphabetical order
         (noun) a person who is learning the alphabet; a beginner
scion- descendant, progeny
bivouac- a military encampment of improvised or makeshift shelters
spar- a nautical, support pole (such as for a mast)
rookery- a breeding place for gregarious animals
gregarious- fond of company; living in herds or flocks
encaustic- painted with colors that are burned in (such as wax colors fixed with heat)
insouciance- lack of concern; indifference
intransigent- inflexible; refusing to compromise
to gall- to chafe severely; to irritate greatly
bellicose- aggressively hostile; eager to fight
to gull- to trick, cheat, or deceive (transitive)
thrall- slavery; one who is enslaved, transfixed (this is obviously the root of enthrall)
berth- a shelf-like sleeping place (as on a train or a boat); a job or position
prepossessing- favorably impressive; engaging or attractive
terminus- the endpoint, farthest (or furthest) extremity (I can guess the root of this one)
bower- a leafy shelter; a rustic dwelling (Is Jack Bauer a bower?)
to card (as in wool)- to comb fibers of a material, to produce a sliver in preparation for spinning.  The tool that is used is called a card.
distaff- a staff used for holding wool when spinning by hand
to comport- to behave; to conduct (oneself)
temerity- reckless abandon
to deign- to find fit for one's dignity; to condescend
to curry- to dress by soaking, beating, etc. (as in tanned hides); to rub and clean a horse with a currycomb
diatribe- a harsh criticism, denunciation
knurled- gnarled, having knots
sycophant- a self-seeking flatterer
to rebuff- to abruptly, preemptively refuse
to dither- to act without resolution; to vacillate (I think this word might put the dilly in "dilly dally", the latter portion coming from to dawdle)
to excoriate- to strip the skin from; to severely scold
vaunted-praised boastfully or excessively
expiate- to atone for; to make amends
antipode- an exact opposite
sagacity- you can guess what this what means: sage-ness, just like it sounds.  I was just impressed that it exists
internecine- mutually destructive; pertaining to a conflict within a group
to balk at- to stop, as at an obstacle, and refuse to proceed

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  1. quite impressive mr. miller... hope you and Kira are doing well!