Thursday, November 12, 2009

VALS test

I am not sure who Strategic Business Insights (SBI) is or what all they do. In part, though, SBI has created this thing called the VALS test. The purpose of this test is to identify the psychographic background of you, as a consumer.

In other words, this test identifies how you see yourself so that marketers can more efficiently target you with their advertisements.  Based on your primary motivation and level of resources (both tangible and intangible), this test will sort you into one of eight categories below:

When I took the test, I found that I am mostly motivated by self-expression and I have a lot of resources at my disposal.  I am impulsive and variety seeking; sophisticated, in charge, and curious.  At least that is a reflection of how I see myself.  The most effective ads for me are on the Internet, in magazines, or otherwise in print.  I guess they assume that I read...

What do you think of my results?

Or better yet, what do you think of your own results:

*Images retrieved from, 11 November 2009


  1. Says I am a thinker then survivor. Definitely agree with the survivor...not sure I think much. lol :-)

  2. Thinker means that you are motivated by ideals; that you are reflective and content.

    It says that you are mature, satisfied, comfortable, and value order, knowledge, and responsibility.

    You have a moderate respect for institutions of authority and social decorum but are open to consider new ideas.

    As a consumer, it says that you are conservative and practical. You look for durability, functionality, and value in the products that you buy.

    How does that sound?