Monday, November 9, 2009

I am colorblind, not stupid

My parents found out pretty early on that I have trouble with colors. I would come home from school with pictures I had colored of green-trunked trees with brown leaves. One day, I came home from church carrying a picture of Jesus with green hair.

The older I have grown, the more I have realized that being color deficient really does make a difference in the way I see the world. I used to think that I can see most colors, but that certain shades of green or red or brown are just hard to differentiate (can't just use the power rule on this one... haha... sorry, math joke). I have since learned that I cannot see pink unless it is hot pink, and that fall leaves change more colors than just yellow.

To get an idea of how I see the world, take a look here: What Color Deficient People See.

All three circles look the same to me.

I have verified the information on this website. I am not tritanope, but I can barely tell any difference between the pictures representing "normal", "protanope", and "deuteranope". None of those circles contain any numbers, and only with the help of my wife can I say that the street lights or the berries are not identical.

Before you get too excited, I want to just clarify one thing about colorblindness. Games like "what color is this?" and "what does this look like to you?" are not fun games. I promise.


  1. How do they know that is what color blind people see? How do they test and/or prove that? Can anyone really tell that can see color or someone who cannot... unless someone wasn't colorblind and then became would they know?

    The celestial world will be quite an experience for color challenged people I suspect! :-)

  2. Doctors know how the eyes work and how light waves are turned into brain waves. They can also tell when certain parts of the eye are not working, and--as a result--which light waves will not be perceived by a colorblind person. All you have to do is take a regular image, take out the colors that a colorblind person cannot see and "voila!", you have the images.
    Granted, different people have different levels of color deficiency so the results will vary slightly from person to person, but the general principle is right on.
    Love you! =)

  3. Oztn, I love you. I will try to not play the, what color is this game. I cannot promise that it will never happen but since you do not find it fun, I will give it my best shot. -Claudia