Sunday, October 25, 2009

More Fall Fun (and more pictures)

Kira and I love to have fun. We love to play games, to have friends over, and--most of all--to laugh.

Last night, we had a few friends over whom we have not seen in a while*.  We had actually been trying to meet up with a couple of these friends for quite some time, but were unable to previously because of work, traveling, illness, etc.  We made apple pie (straight from the apples!) and carved pumpkins.  Esta muy divertido . . . that is Spanish for fun =)

Carving pumpkins is actually a fairly new experience for me.  When we were young, we would get pumpkins for Halloween, but we could never carve them.   We were only allowed to decorate with sharpies and paint.  Last night I found out why.

Six of us made a collective four pumpkins.  Three of the pumpkins were made using stencils from a $4 kit.  We actually bought two kits because each kit came with only two pumpkin saws.  These little saws worked great for making intricate designs in pumpkin flesh...until they broke...which they did...quickly.  We tried to use steak knives instead, but found that to be more difficult than it was worth.  The larger blade greatly increased the risk of ruining our pumpkin pictures.

To overcome this barrier, I was luckily able to repair one of the saws by making a handle out of duct tape.  It worked well except that I had to hold the blade with my fingers to keep it stable.  By the end, my thumb and forefinger were feeling pretty raw.

Kira and my pumpkin was a ghost.  We almost cried when the majority of our design completely broke free from the rest of the pumpkin, leaving in its place a gaping mostly-ghost-shaped hole.  This time, paperclips came to our rescue.  The center of the ghost was spliced back into place quite nicely.
The other two stenciled gourdes are pictured here.  I think they turned out really well, too (with debatabley less drama--though Stephen may disagree with that statement).

I think our favorite pumpkin that night was carved by our friend, Kameron.  He is actually the most artistic among us, but unfortunately those skills did not transfer over to pumpkin carving as well as he would have liked.  The fact that he used no stencil and carved with the steak knife probably did not help.  I mean no offense to Kameron, of course, because we really did love his finished product.  And if anyone can figure out what that first number is--feel free to give him a call.  He's single.

*I apologize to any friends whom I have not seen in a while, who were not invited over this time.  We love and miss you, and we will hang out soon.


  1. I know what the first number is! haha! maybe I should send him a random creeper text? what do you think?

  2. It sounds fun to me... but he may see it coming if he has read this comment =)

  3. true, but I would still enjoy it! :)