Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Middle of the Night Projects

I feel like I have learned many important lessons in the past few years. One lesson that is particularly crucial for me is that I have gained a true thirst for knowledge and I have learned how to study. In the MTC, I had four to eight hours at a time devoted solely to study. At first, I would spend most of this time struggling to stay awake. Eventually though, I learned to love this study time and the hour of personal study I had every day for the next two years just never seemed like enough.

Unfortunately, I still have not perfected the art of doing projects early.  I have known about this project for several weeks now, and once again I am up in the middle of the night, putting together a powerpoint for my 9:30am class.  This follows the pattern that I established back in Vista Elementary School.  I remember, and my mom can verify, that I would stay up the night before something was due: pop-up books, science projects, college applications, etc.  I cannot count the number of nights at BYU that I slept less than an hour because of homework (over 3 this semester, I believe).

Tonight I am working on a group presentation about Judaism for my Media and World Religions class.  I know what you're thinking-- how can I afford to put off group projects in the same way that I put off personal assignments.  The answer is that I feel fairly confident in my powerpoint skills (more on this later) and I always offer to make the final presentation.  This means that the rest of my group can do their sections of research as early as they want as long as I have everything one night in advance of submission.

I generally try to start early, but something always comes up.  This time, I traded one night of sleep for a a weekend in Washington to visit family.  But really... can you blame a guy?

For your pleasure this morning, I have embeded a video that I will use tomorrow.  This is one example of how some Jews use the media for entertainment and motivation of youth.


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