Saturday, October 17, 2009

Cell post 1, part III

I recently upgraded to a Sony Ericsson slider, and it is nice but i miss my Samsung Sync. It was a flip phone which i like, but mostly i miss the memory card.
Shortly after i got the sync, i bought a Micro SD card to store music on. I ended up storing more pictures than music and i got addicted to the ability. The Sony phones use a different kind of memory card and especially now that i have a blog on which to share pictures, i would love to be able to show y'all more of the things that i see from day to day (anyone know why y'all is not in t9?). Hopefully i will drop the extra shells soon so i can include you in things like the amazingly beautiful double rainbow we saw in Provo two days ago. Until then, what do you think of my text-only cell phone post(s)?

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