Monday, October 12, 2009

Back to the Grindstone

I am so grateful that somebody wiser than I instructed me to have a day of rest every week. If not for what many call the Sabbath, I would continue to work restlessly every day of the week. Based on the work that I find myself doing Monday through Saturday, I am pretty convinced that if not for Sunday afternoons--when I literally will not allow myself to worry about homework and things--I am pretty sure I would die a year or two earlier than I hope to now. Yesterday, with my lovely wife I was able to enjoy a walk, a game of cribbage, and a viewing of Penelope.

That being said, Welcome to Monday!

As is tradition, I got up this morning shortly after my wife left for work. After showering and ensuring that I was ready to walk out the door any minute, I found myself with an hour or two of extra time--not abnormal on a weekday morning before school/work.

Today, I vacuumed the windows and straightened up the house a little; I did an online quiz for one of my classes; and I wrote a blog post before beginning my daily, half-hour walk to school.

Much of my daily routine has changed over the years:

1) I am much more apt to miss a social gathering today, than I would have a few years ago.  I think that a) my workload has increased, and b) I now better realize the importance of being studious and sacrificing what is appealing now for something that is more beneficial in the long run.

2) I now read books in my spare time.  I have always wanted to be a reader of books, but have never allowed myself to get started.  This year, I have started reading (re-reading of sorts) the Lord of the Rings trilogy and have also started on a Tom Clancy novel.  I have a bookshelf full of books about languages, religion, and space creatures--not to mention a world full of books that I do not have--that I can finally start chipping away at.

3) I do household chores a lot sooner.  I used to put vacuuming and straightening off for days or weeks.  Now I do it whenever I have time.  This is not because I value cleanliness a lot more than I used to, but mostly because I know that if I do not do it then my wife will.  She already works hard enough that I need to stay ahead of her a little in order to give her time to rest.

The reasons for these changes are various.  But a lot of them are centered around growing up and having more constraints on my time.  You are probably asking yourself, "if that is the case, how does Austin have time to blog?"

I do not yet know the answer to that question.

Do you have any ideas?


  1. Well, I beleive it is because you must.
    I enjoy your recent blogging!
    I am glad to get to be more aware of your life and the happenings in it. Also, I just want to say that I am so very proud of the man you have and are still becoming. You and Kira are amazing and I am so glad to be your sister. You are going to be a great father and you are a great husband, and a great priesthood holder. I love you!

  2. Oh, sister! you're so great. thank you! See you soon!

  3. I second what Christie said....other than being your sister! I am glad to be your mom! You are growing up and more thoughtful than I might have expected! Thanks for making my heart happy! Love you! And I too enjoy your blogging!