Tuesday, October 13, 2009

AT&T Spring

I was going to blog about staples today, because I think they are a genius invention.  Luckily for you, something better came up.

We had a lot of errands to run today to prepare for our upcoming road trip.  We changed our oil, got new windshield wipers, got a haircut, and did some miscellaneous shopping.  My phone has been acting a little funny, so we planned to stop by an AT&T store.  On our way, Kira's phone ironically died.  In the middle of a text, it went black...empty...dead.

We first went to one AT&T store at University mall (with entrance outside on the street).  After we explained our dilemma...they did squat.  The phone was past warranty so the best thing they suggested was to get a Go-phone from Wal*Mart to use until our upgrade date came around.  They did not even tell us when our upgrade date was.

By providence, they also suggested that we look for a new battery at one of the cell-phone-accessory stands inside the mall.  Three steps on this goose chase later, we found a different Spring AT&T store inside the same mall.  We found out later that this store was an authorized distributor of AT&T products, not a corporate-owned AT&T outlet like the first place.

The man at this store was extremely helpful.  We got a new phone for Kira at the upgrade price (with a rebate, and an extra $10 off); we changed our student discount from 15- to 20-percent off; and we were able to add internet and GPS capabilities to my phone for only $5 more on our monthly bill.

And to make things even better, I got a much higher score on my last Econ test than I expected.

Sorry, mom.  It looks like my bread always does land butter side up.


  1. When I first read it, I thought it said the man at this store was extremely beautiful. I hope that was also true.

  2. Yes my son! It definitely does! Someday if it doesn't....call me....I am used to butter side down! :-)